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What is Hexameter?

Hexameter is the standard pattern of long and short syllables used by the Romans and Greeks for writing epic poetry. Learning the proper metrical structure of a line (and there are 16 different possibilities) is key to understanding the poetry, because ancient poetry was meant to be heard, not just read. In classical hexameter, the six feet follow somewhat standard rules. Click here to learn more about them.

This site helps you learn, practice, and master this skill. And all for free!

A Variety of Different Authors

We have a variety of different authors that is only growing, from Vergil to Ovid to Lucretius, and more to come.

And if you are an AP Latin student, you can also practice just those lines that you'll see on the exam.

Learn more about the authors we have available.

Data Driven, Adaptive Technology

It's not enough to just scan, it's more important to scan lines of Latin appropriate to you and at your level. We have lines at all levels, and our database will only grow as more and more people use this site.

Proven to Help You Learn

It's one thing to tout the benefits of an unproven model, but it's another to show that it works. To the right you will see the progression of a student from just learning the rules to having hundreds of lines of practice. The two major benefits of this site are repetition and feedback, along with adapting as you grow.